Monday, May 7, 2012

Whisker Walk is Sunday June 3, 2012

Mom told us she saw the announcement for the Whisker Walk in the paper Saturday and we are so excited. For those of you in the Massachusetts area the 5th Annual Whisker Walk is being held on Sunday, June 3rd from 11AM-3PM at the Lancaster Fairgrounds. You can find all the information here. Along with the walk, there is a whole fair to enjoy. This is a big fundraiser for local animal shelters in the area.

Last year we not only walked, but we had a wonderful time at the fair. Bailey won the bed you constantly see us photographed on at the dog games last year. Mom and Dad had professional pictures taken of us that now are on t-shirts and coffee mugs. It was very dog friendly event.

This was us waiting as we lined up for the walk

This is where we won the bed. We did not do so well at the agility. However, the bed more than made up for our embarrassment at the agility arena. After all, there were no prizes in agility. The ball retrieval won us a comfy TV watching bed.

We encourage all of you who will be in the Massachusetts area to come out for the Whisker Walk and support the local shelters and rescues in the area. It is a great fundraiser and lots of fun for dogs and their family members.


  1. Wow, what a great fundraiser! That pic of the dog with the three balls in his mouth is hysterical!

  2. That sounds really interesting! We love your bed!

  3. What a great event! How terrific that you won your bed last year!

  4. Sounds like a fun time! The bed is great.

    Urban Hounds

  5. We're trying to organize something here. Glad to get some ideas to work on

  6. What a cute name for that event! Poochie folks love a get together and if it is for a good cause all the better.


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