Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tree is Gone and It is Time to Move On

Dad and Mom finally got the tree down this weekend and the Christmas decorations are making their slow journey to that other world know as the attic. They will be coming for our Christmas toys soon and we have been actively seeking hiding places all over the house. Mom discovered Santa's spot this morning, but still allowed us to continue playing with him as she said that is one of the last boxes that go into the attic.

Mom says she spotted some Valentine's Toys at Petco. She has talked Dad into a trip tomorrow. She is hoping to find the plush doggy version of the candy hearts she remembers getting as a child. She is also kind of hoping the local store has the pink elephants she saw online. Knowing Mom she will come home with the cupid frog or one of the Valentine's Flatties. So far, she has not located any talking toys. Just as well, since Bailey has not stopped playing Jingle Bells since he realized the Christmas Toy's days are numbered. We suspect we may even get our Valentine's toys early to keep us from missing our Christmas toys.


  1. Christmas is all put away here too. But I haven't seen any Valentine's day toys out yet! They must be slow around these parts!

  2. Valentine's Day! Oh, dear! I hadn't even thought about that!!

  3. No, no, not Valentine's Day already! Aren't there any Martin Luther King toys out there instead? LOL.

  4. Valentine's Day?????? Wow it sure did seem like Christmas went REALLY fast!

    woos, Tessa

  5. we can't wait to see your Valentine toys! We may have to check them out for Dakota!

  6. You need to hide those Christmas toys in really good places. I never seen a valentine dog toy -- it will be interesting to see what your mommy and daddy finds for you.


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