Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Weekly Book Review: A Prince Among Frogs

I was really looking forward to Mom bringing home A Prince among Frogs (Tales of the Frog Princess) for us to listen to together. This Tales of the Frog Princess is not as scary as some of the other series Mom reviews for her education blog. I like the happy romantic stories.

I was disappointed that this story was not as fun as the previous books. I found myself wandering out of the room as the story of Millie and Auden trying to find her missing baby brother was not nearly as interesting as the previous books. While I will miss the stories of Eadric and Emma's family, if the author was no longer able to create the fairytale stories found in the previous stories perhaps it was time to finish the series.

Mom is listening to a rather scary Peter Pan prequel that has my attention at the moment. While I normally don't like scary books, this series has Bailey and I both paying attention.


  1. A Peter Pan "prequel?" Do tell!! My Mom is a HUGE Peter Pan fan!

  2. The first book is Peter and the Starcatchers.

  3. What smart dogs you are to listen and enjoy books! I wish my cats were as smart as you two!

  4. I wish I had someone to read to me! Scary books are less fun alone, lol

  5. When you said "Tales of the Frog Princess", I was a bit confused because I didn't know Frogs have "Tails." (Why do humans have different meanings for the same sounding word -- gee, everything is so confusing.)

  6. You are so lucky! My mom never reads me story :((
    ~ Eva


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