Monday, August 22, 2016

Heading to Maine

Mom and Dad took me on my first vacation this weekend. I thought they were kidding when they said we were going to have an adventure in Maine. I was sure I was going to what they "cutely" refer to as doggy camp (kennel), but they kept promising me they weren't leaving me behind.

I knew something was different as Dad had put my fleece pillow in the back seats. Dad never puts pillows in the car. This was new and by the way really comfortable.

Dad hooked my harness in and I was ready to go. We made a few stops along the way so we could all stretch and make bathroom trips. We arrived in Kennebunkport, Maine, but Dog Dad said it was too early to check in. I wasn't sure what that meant. He parked the car and took us to a really cool pet store, Scalawags Pet Boutique. Mom found two really cool toys I'll post about later and an item we will be needing at the end of the week.

If you are traveling in the Kennebunkport area with your pets, check out Scalawags website. They have lots of pet friendly travel ideas for the area. We found it very helpful in planning our trip.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Playing with the Treat Ball

Lots of awesome stuff going on and we hope to share more soon. Mom decided to capture me playing with my treat ball.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Synchronized Napping

We know you've all been eagerly awaiting Blogville's Pawlympic Synchronized Napping event and it is finally here. For those of you who follow Synchronized Napping you know this is a pairs or multiple event and it has two categories Parallel Napping and Freestyle Napping. Parallel requires the animals to nap in parallel positions. Technically the animals shouldn't touch, but in our example we found that to be next to impossible. We do expect the animals to demonstrate parallel positions however. Freestyle napping allows more creativity, but the animals must be touching even in a minor point at the time the picture is taken.

Parallel Entries:

This was our first parallel entry and a great example of the skills required. Look at the lines.

Jess, Amanda, Mini and Barbarell

Cat Bro Bert, Bailie, and me, Emma

Christmas and Angel Katie

Look at the form.

Casey and Jessie

Look at these two working to hold the form.

Macy and Noodle

Jasper and Nellie

Look at the focus folks.

Millie and Walter

Great use of light and color

Artistic Freestyle Entries:

Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs

I was unclear about this entry and since it didn't include a category for the entry I went with freestyle. The cats are touching and the white cat clearly wants to emphasize the artistic head move. while they may have originally started on the path to a parallel entry, at some point they decided to explore freestyle napping. An great entry in our freestyle napping category.

Dory and Jakey

The bum cuddle is a popular artistic move beautifully illustrated here.


Mom agreed to help since this entrant didn't have another animal to enter the event with but really wanted to participate.

Lassie and Benji

Not that the judges are supposed to be biased, but Shelties did invent this event.

Frankie and Ernie

Look at the complete stretch they put into this nap. Ernie puts an artistic curl into it for just the right effect.

Tip Tail and LG

You're getting very sleepy

Casey and Jessie
Look at the beautiful integration of space

Mr. Bailey and Hazel

These two are playing for the cute points

Macy and Noodle

Look at the use of couch and blankie

Eddy and Evan

Going for the extended paw stretch

Jasper and Nellie

Look at the study in compact to extended napping poses.

Princess Leah and Maggie Mae

These two teamed up as a virtual team to compete

Millie and Walter

Look at the use of curves in this entry.

Addi and Oreo

These two contestants show such love

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Flowers: Orange Oriental Lily

As I told you Mom loves the Oriental Lilies. This one oddly popped up in the Veggie garden. No idea how it moved there.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Flowers: Orange Day Lily

These came out right before the July 4th holiday. Grandma used to call them 4th of July Lilies. It was a long time before Mom knew they were actually Day Lilies.