Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Watching the Bruins Playoffs

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Day at Paws in the Park

We had a wonderful day at Paws in the Park on Sunday. The one mile walk was held at the historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury and we got to walk past the Grist Mill. Mom used to picnic there with her grandmother, so it's one of her favorite spots. We weren't so crazy about the water from the mill. We had a big surprise when Cousin Heather showed up to accompany us for the day. Katy seemed to do really well with Heather. There were lots of vendors to visit before and after the walk.

We got to try some new things and got better at some old things. They handed out complimentary bandanas. Blue meant we weren't rescued from Save a Dog, but were there to support them. There was a woman promoting her dog massage business who gave us complimentary massages.

Katy wasn't too sure about having a stranger do a massage and then the woman found the spot. First Katy dropped to a seated position and then she laid down. She was actually disappointed when the session ended. Bailey could have stayed all day.

There was a fun try out agility course to raise money for Save A Dog. Bailey did the best he's done yet. Katy has always refused to try any of the exercises before. However, lately she's been creating more of her own obstacle courses. Today, she was still paniced over the crowds, but only refused to go through the long tunnel. She did go through the short one.

We haven't moved much since we got home. It was a pretty exhausting. We are so glad so many people turned out to support Save A Dog.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dad's Birthday Present

We were supposed to get back to posting last week, but Mom got involved with the local library book sale and she got behind with all her blogging. Can you imagine putting the library before our blog?

The last time we blogged we said Grandma made a special present for us for Dad's birthday. You might have noticed we have a bit of a love of fleece. Mama's Aunt made Bailey a Patriot's blanket of his own before Katy came into the family. Mama is not so good with a sewing machine. She claims they have it in for her. Grandma came to the rescue so the Patriot's blankie could be rested. It gets a periodic washing, but unlike Dad's sport fleece that get's rotated with the sports seasons, the Patriot's blankie has not had a break in a LONG time. Dad told Mama the Joann's has fleece on sale. Grandma told Mama if she could find the rest of the Boston sports teams in fleece she'd make our blankies. For that it might be worth letting the parents leave the house.

We are still working out the details of who gets to use which blanket, when, but we technically each have our own Red Sox blanket to rest on while watching them play.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Paws in the Park

As rescue dogs we love to promote events for other dogs in need of a new home. Save a Dog is hosting Paws in the Park at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts on Sunday May 5 from 10-3. The cost is $10 for adults and children 12 and older. Those 11 and under are charged $5. Registration for the one-mile walk starts at 10 AM. The walk begins at 11 AM. There are all kinds of vendors, doggie games, food, and more. Check out the event website here.

Mom was all excited about going to this event two years ago and then she got sick. Somehow, she missed it last year. This year we are determined to be there.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Checking out the Tractor

Dad got help from a friend to do some yard repair this weekend. With all the snow, we have had some erosion, so we needed to fill in some holes and fill in some gaps under the fence. Dad's friend brought over his mini-tractor to help with the work.

Katy was too afraid to check out the tractor. After he was done working and the machine was shut off, I got curious. At first, I sat on the floor with Dad's friend sat on the seat. That was fun, but the view wasn't great. Also, Mom does not like to post other people's photographs on the blog if they aren't comfortable with that idea. Therefore, he let me sit on the seat so I could have a picture she could post.

It was fun helping Dad and his friend do the yard repairs. The snow is almost gone and Mom and Dad will be back to gardening. Katy and I will have to do snake patrol. While Dad was working yesterday, Katy and I were already checking out their favorite spots. Mom says it is still too cold for them, but we want to be prepared.