Monday, March 18, 2013

Just When We Thought the Snow Cookies Were Gone

Yes, Dad saw a crocus popping up through the ground yesterday. I've been standing watch on the last of the snow, but truthfully the cookies are a bit stale. Dad doesn't wanting us eating them anymore because he says they are mixed with other stuff we shouldn't be eating.

Then last night while he was watching basketball, we heard the magic words, we are predicted to get 4-8 inches of snow cookies starting tonight. Our spring snow cookies are headed our way baking in the clouds even as we speak. Fresh snow cookies might even be here as a bedtime snack.

We just can't understand why Mom and Dad just don't seem to show the same excitement.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Bailey

Yes, Mama is waxing poetic today. She just can't believe her little puppy is 10. She still thinks no time has passed since she drove all the way to CT to pick me up from my foster Mom when I was only four months old. Lots has happened since that day. Mama even brought home a girl Sheltie to live with us. While I am pleased with the extra bakery cookies, the bully sticks, and the new toys, I am not sure why Mama is so mushy over the big 1-0.

Mama even admitted on another blog that she's been lying about my age. Can you believe she's trying to make me younger than I am? Actually, I think she forgets. She wants me to stay young and she kept telling people I was 6 when I was 8. Then Dad would correct her. It's odd for a woman who admits to how old she is once she counts up from the year she is born. She doesn't lie about her age either, but every so often it does seem to surprise her when she adds up the numbers.

Any of you find your Mom gets mushier about your aging then she does her own?

Anyways I am looking forward to a great day of playing with my snow mounds, having my birthday treats, and getting in some snow cookies before the spring snow is gone.

Happy Spring ahead everyone.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Cookies Refreshed in Time for Bailey's Birthday

Our snow cookies were tasting a bit stale and today, in time for Bailey's birthday celebration on Sunday, we got nice fresh snow cookies for the party. As you can see we didn't wait to celebrate. After all who says you need to wait for your birthday to start a party.

I know Dad has birthday treats hidden away so I don't have to worry he isn't ready for my party. However, he isn't giving out anything early. However, we get as many snow cookies as we want.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spa Day

Saturday was spa day. Mom likes to make a big deal of spa day and Dad keeps telling her it is nothing like the stories she tells. No long gossip sessions under the hair dryers, no warm towels, etc. That was until she told him about the oatmeal baths and then to his amazement when Katy had dry skin, they suggested an oatmeal bath and Dad nearly burst out laughing. Score one for Mom. Since then we have been getting oatmeal baths and man does our skin notice it.

The dryer thing, well Dad just wasn't buying that. Then Saturday he called to find out if we were ready only to find out, yep, Katy was in a drying crate. Dad didn't find out if she was gossiping with the "girls" and she'll never tell. However, he's stopped mocking Mom's stories.

Dad figured he'd better grab a shot while Katy's bow was still in her hair. She loves her spa days, but once home, the beauty effects don't last long. Hair ribbons gone and mud appears.

Monday, February 11, 2013

We Survived NEMO

Mom likes to brag about how she survived the historic Blizzard of '78. She got an award for delivering newspapers in the snow. Well nobody deserves a reward until their bathroom is covered in snow over their head and they still go out in it to do their business. We sucessfully survived NEMO with Dad's help with a shovel and snowblower.

When Dad opened the front door after having shoveled a eight inches of snow before going to bed this is what we saw. After Dad shoveled the back deck we thought we'd be fine and we raced off into the snow. Katy got stuck in the snow bank and has been a little scared of the snow cookie mounds ever since. It took lots of herding work from Bailey and Dad to get her to go all the way around the track Dad eventually built.

Now we are old pros navigating the trenches. We are enjoying our easily available snow cookie supply. We do miss getting to the back fence to check out all the squirrels.