Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday Katy!!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. You have had such a big year. I was so worried about you when you lost Bailey. You withdrew into yourself and we kept pushing to find you a companion. Last July was truly a hard month for you. While you mourned Bailey you also couldn't adjust to living alone. I'm so glad we found Annie and the two of you have become such wonderful friends.

Last year you also experienced your first dog friendly vacation and you were so brave. I was so impressed with how you handled all the challenges of being away from home.

You have payed forward the kindness shown to you by Bailey, by helping Annie to adjust to her new home, too. While her needs were different than yours, you have found ways to meet those and I've been so proud of how you have helped her to fit in here.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. May this be a much more peaceful and joy filled year.


  1. Happy birthday, Katie!
    Cammie (I am 9, too!)

  2. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu
    Lily & Edward

  3. Happy Barkday Katy!!!!! We are glad you and Annie have become good friends, it's good to have a buddy to hang with.

  4. Happy Happy Yappy Birthday to you! We are yapping the Barkday song your way. Hope u can hear us yapping.

  5. Oh Katy!!! We are so sorry we missed your 9th birthday! Mom and Dad were out of town all weekend so we aren't seeing this til now! Happy Happy Belated Birthday sweet girl!!! We LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoxo DakotasDen


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