Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Baths in Two Days

Saturday was our monthly spa date and while Bailey hates it, I, Katy, was happy to catch up with the girls as we gossiped under the dryers about the upcoming holidays. There is nothing like sharing with the girls at our monthly meet ups. Bailey finds it dull and uninteresting. He calls it torture and can't believe it is allowed in modern society. While not fond of the bathing there is something about a warm blow out and brush down at the spa I just can't resist.

Sunday, I discovered a huge leaf pile in the backyard and the glories of mud treatments. I tried to entice Bailey to join me, but he warned of dire consequences. How could anything that feels this good have bad outcomes I chided him. Oh, the glorious feeling of wet dark mud. Mom didn't see it that way though. When she saw me, she immediately took me to the bathroom and started up the evil tubby. Yes, I was suffering through another bath in two days. Bailey tried to protect me, barking out his protests, but there was no help. I had to suffer through the evil bath time, again.

Dad helped blow dry my hair and I will say the mud did wonders for my skin and hair. Mom isn't buying it though. She says that's the spa stuff that hasn't completely worn off yet.


  1. Wow Katy, I (Dory) am thinking a mud treatment may be just the thing to help my naturally curly hairs grow back faster!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. mud glorious mud - it is a spa treatment in itself

  3. There was no mud under our leaf pile, we got jipped!!!! Sorry for your 2nd bath, bet it was worth it! BOL!

  4. Oh, Katy - that's some good mischief! I'm glad you enjoyed your spa visit and the extra-special mud treatment! (Rita agrees with Bailey though...)

  5. I think a mud treatment is just what you needed!

  6. You sound like a typical lady at the spa, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  7. We are hearing RUMORS... that YOU, Miss Katy are thinkin of namin some thingys... FRANKIE... hehehehehehe THAT was FUNNY.

    OMD you LIKE the Spa??? NOT Our cup of chicken broth either, Bailey.
    Sorry that your mom doesn't realize that MUD is the New Brown.

  8. killers....they need to be banned from blogville!

    The Mad Scots

  9. You actually rolled in mud and leaves the day after a spa treatment? And still have a home? Good job! :)

  10. Oh man! I just suffered through that, butts I can't imagine TWO of em!! Oh man...that is the stuffs of nightmares!!! And, you didn't even gets to gossip with the gurls this time! bummer.
    Ruby ♥


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