Friday, April 6, 2012

Where Will He Put all the Eggs?

Mom stopped having the Easter Bunny hide plastic eggs last year. Our Easter guests still get baskets. However, she thought after observing a lack of interest in the hunt the previous year, the tradition of the hunt had been outgrown and she was not complaining too much. She had fun having Katy and I find our plush eggs and toss them.

Last night she got a call requesting that the Easter Egg hunt be put back on the day's agenda. She had to head to the attic and dig out the plastic eggs. You see when you have Sheltie's in the house arrangements have to be made for the Easter Bunny's safety when he visits. Mom sets out the eggs in advance so we know he is coming and we do not attempt to remove him from the house/yard. After all the Easter bunny leaves us a basket too and the last thing we want is an angry bunny who fails to leave us anything.

We are wondering if there will be any dog treats in those eggs.


  1. Oh I bet there is an egg or two with your name on it! Have fun helping to hide them!

  2. I'm sure there will be lots of treats for you guys Bailey!

  3. If we know your mom she is going to have extra special eggs for you two!

  4. We hope there are some treats in those eggs for you!!

  5. My mom just told me she has hidden 66 eggs for my niece and nephew. They are 11 and 13 years old so I wonder how much longer they will be willing to play along? Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

  6. NO WAY would we want the anger the EASTER BUNNY.
    I hope that your Egg Hunt is a ton of fun!


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