Thursday, December 13, 2012

Those Tempting Sheep

Sheep the final frontier. This is what stands between me, Katy, and Santa. I try to avoid them, but just this morning I found one in my mouth and Mama was yelling at me to drop it like cops do on those criminal shows she loves. I have no idea how that sheep popped into my mouth. However, Bailey says confess and Santa will forgive. So Santa here I am, guilty as charged....again. I am sorry. However, could you make those sheep less taunting?

The cards are still coming in and we may in fact fill that second wreath. Thanks for all the wonderful holiday wishes.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wreath 2 Filling Up

Wreath 1 is completely filled, mostly with our Christmas Cards. Wreath 2 is also filling up with cards from our blogging friends. They are adding lots of festive cheer to our holiday! Mom is having a tough time getting shots of the 2nd wreath with her phone as she doesn't have room enough to back up to get the whole wreath in the shot.

Two Grandma's and one Grandpa will be arriving soon for Christmas. None of them are staying with us, but they will all be visiting, especially for the big Christmas Eve party. Daddy's parents bring the BEST pressies. Since they come on Christmas Eve we even get our stuff early!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

We know about the Santa Cams, so I thought it best to fess up before you got the official report. I attacked a plastic canvas sheep yesterday. I know the rule is herd not hurt the sheep, but I don't know what came over me. It looked so tempting sitting there among all the Christmas toys and I just couldn't resist picking it up and giving it a little love. Thankfully, Mama stopped me before any serious damage could be done. Who knows what the penalty is for destroying a manger scene.

I am truly sorry dear Santa and am really trying to only play with my Christmas toys. It is hard when Mom and Dad have these tasty distracting items to play with all around me. I will try harder.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

We are Good with Santa

We went and had our chat with Santa on Sunday. It took two pictures, but we have our proof that we went in case there is an issue later with our presents.

Bailey earned Santa points when he helped keep a young pup from bolting away from Santa. Dad helped get the dog to sit on Santa's lap so the pup could have her picture taken with Santa. We are hoping Santa remembers all those good deeds when it comes time to visit our house.

Mama promises to post the picture with Santa after Dad scans it in.

As you can see, the first card wreath is almost full and it only has two cards belonging to Mom and Dad. The rest are all from you, our blogging pals. Mom has two wreaths, so we she will have room for the cards that are sure to come from the Grandmas and other family.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Going to Talk to Santa

We are headed off to visit with Santa on Sunday. We have much to discuss. Been working on sharing and not fighting over toys and food. Hoping Santa will forgive some of our "minor" disgressions and not forget us.

The tough part is we have to get our picture taken. Mama says it is for a good cause. It helps raise money for dogs and cats that do not have any place to live. However, we are just not crazy about this whole picture taking thing.

Anyone else off to see Santa this season?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We are so thrilled that Mama is sticking to her commitment about walking. Last night Dad was so surprised when Mama texted him about walking. After all it was snowing!!! Mama stuck to it though and we got to walk in the snow. There were so many delightful things to sniff and examine. We can only hope this trend continues.

Yesterday, Mom helped us address our first batch of cards. Dad brought home stamps, so we will be working on more cards today. Mama also has to ship some packages, so she is working on balancing Christmas cards and Christmas wrapping/boxing. It will all be done soon.

More cards arrived yesterday. So far, we have 9 cards and Mom and Dad have yet to get one. I think it is because we send out more. Our blogging friends have some great Christmas card designs.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Christmas Card Exchange Has Begun

Mom was so thrilled, when she got the mail out of the box on Black Friday. She already had Christmas cards from the Dog Blog Christmas exchange. After our Christmas toys, the card wreaths were one of the first things to come out of the box. Mom loves displaying all the beautiful Christmas cards.

We were thrilled when Dad said he found a great Black Friday deal at Walgreens and hopped online to order our cards. He picked them up the same day and now that all the family cards are done, Mom has promised to get to work on our card exchange ones.