Monday, August 1, 2011

Hair Explosions

Mom and Dad have been pretty good about keeping up with our hair grooming. Part of the reason for their vigilance is we have been getting attacked with flower missiles and we have to be cleaned up from those unwarranted flower attacks that leave us with sticky flower weapons (Mom calls them seeds) that stick to our fur. It is rather painful having those sticky things removed. It is only because we have such a thick coat that they do not scratch us as they do Dad’s legs.

However, the last two weeks it has been hot and rainy and we have not been patrolling the hostile flower areas as much and therefore have not triggered the automatic hair brushings. Dad has been traveling and then Mom and Dad have been taking trips with Grandma and Grandpa. When Mama caught Katy rubbing the porch rails and me scratching she asked Dad how long it had been since the last brushing. She was very upset to realize it had been two weeks.

That is when Mom went to work and got out the brushes. There was something like a hair explosion when she started with the comb. White hair puffs just took flight. Dad says I have never done anything like this before. It could be I have never hidden from the hair police that long. Mom said it was like watching kids shoot off hair fireworks into the air. The hair was flying everywhere.

Katy of course being a princess did not shoot off fireworks. She tried to turn Mom into a Sheltie. Mom was covered from head to foot in Sheltie hair. Her hair does not explode into the air it drops and clings. No bursts of black and white hair for her, she just left hair covering everything in its path.

We thought we were done Saturday, but Sunday the brushes were back. There were no hair explosions this time, but lots of more of our hair gone. Katy did not have nearly the torture I did and it has been just the same amount of time. She claims it’s her princess qualities that keep her hair controlled.

We have another session scheduled for tonight. Mom says it is one of the duties of having beautiful Sheltie hair.


  1. You poor things having to endure such torture :( HOpe tonight's session goes quick.

  2. My neighbor has a Sheltie. She says she can get enough hair to weave dozens of blankets if she were into weaving.

  3. My hair brushing the other day was like Baileys. Mommy wouldn't have thought to call it fireworks but that is exactly what my hair was doing. It's kinda like those puff flowers that humans blow and make a wish -- my hair was floating in the air like those wishing flowers. I'm glad you both made it thru the brushings! Can you imagine all the wishes a human could make if they caught all of our hair fireworks and made wishes on all of them!

  4. Wow that is a lot of brushing. But I just know that you will feel lots better too.

    Sure do hope that tonights brushin goes lots faster and easier.

    woos, Tessa

  5. Sounds like our house. Dad call my hair the "tumbling collie weed." When I get brushed there is always a lot of hair, maybe enough for another dog. BOL


  6. OMG is THIS ever timely!

    Dakota was rolling and rolling on the floor today and I was watching him FULL of guilt!

    I realized it had been LONGER than two weeks (I am embarrassed to admit) since I had brushed him. His fur looked kind of scraggly by his face. The bad part is he LOVES to be brushed and I have been so busy (lazy) that I wasn't brushing him.

    I DID brush him today and boy oh boy was there ever a "hair explosion!!!!" I am going to try and brush him again tomorrow.

    You are so right, brushing a Sheltie regularly is the only way to keep their beautiful fur looking beautiful but sometimes life just gets in the way.

  7. LOL! Hair fireworks - I love it! And I can really picture it... aaaaall too well. :)


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