Monday, August 29, 2011

We Survived Irene

Just a quick post to let everyone know we survived. Mom and Dad went almost 24 hours without technology. We were amazed. The downside is that Bailey almost learned to swim. While Mom and Dad were down in the basement working on a flooding situation they did not realized Bailey had joined them. While the ground was dry when they started, as the storm continued he found himself on a concrete oasis and started to panic. Dad escorted him to shore (the basement stairs) and he continued to monitor the situation from there.

One of Mom and Dad dearest friends came out in the storm with a generator and a pump and helped them pump out what was fast becoming a basement swimming pool. Before it reached 5 inches, he was at our house with Katy running protection duty for him while he started up the big machines. I am not sure why, but Katy found herself in the storm. She followed the big man around when she never would get close even for cookies in normal weather. The noisy generator did not bother her and she did not want to come inside except when the wind parted her hair.

I was not so crazy about this storm. I help supervise the basement cleanup. I would really love to be a plumbing dog. I think I have the talent, but I keep being told there are no openings for dogs. I helped work on the hot water heater that we are trying to salvage from the water damage.

Mom promises she will send us to visit all of your blogs later this week. She knows not everyone is back to power. Much of this town is still out. It is possible we could lose ours again as they are repairing the rest of the area. Therefore, we have paws crossed, as we did not like the total blackness that we saw last night.

The big man showed Dad a catalog for generators that would run the sump pump and some basic items like the refrigerator during the storms that hit New England frequently. Dad had been talking about doing this before winter, but it appears that Mother Nature wants us to move now. We are not fans of basement pools. Dad has some homework to do once the stores are back in stock. Mom wants to visit the camping stores and find more camping gear for lighting and other emergency supplies. The ones we have are rather outdated.

Dad did do well heating hot water on the outdoor grill once the rain stopped. Mama was impressed. Those bins that Mama bought to keep the bugs out of our food also kept it watertight during the flooding. I am not sure why humans have such complicated food.


  1. Sometimes it's good to have adventures and live like pioneer families. Some of our great family memories of times when the power was off and we had to entertain ourselves.

  2. Glad you guys are ok. Here in the albany area, we are giving more problems with flooding than electricity. I think the hudson finally crested this evening, so hopefully the worst is over.

  3. Unfortunatly, in this area much of the flooding is related to ground saturation. Without electricity to run the sump pumps the ground water keeps flowing in to the homes. You don't have to be near a visable water source to experience the ground water that wants to come in. Our neighbors started pumping out this morning when the power came on. However, much of the rest of the area still is waiting for the power to return or running generators to keep the water out. The sun will hopefully start to dry things out. I know some parts of the country are screaming for water, we need to dry out a bit. If only we could share.

  4. Jan, once we get the flooding issue under control with a generator, the pioneer living is not so bad. Growing up in the next town over we were always one of the first people off the grid when the storms hit and one of the last on. I remember Dad sending us out after a storm to ask the men from the electric company when the power was coming back on. When he heard we had been without power for over a week, which meant no water, he thought we were kidding. He swore his daughters would never have lasted a day. While he wasn't supposed to hook up private residences, since it was a simple line connect he put us back on the grid. It appears Dad had a working strategy.

    However, the point where we lived we were high enough up that even though we had a brook near the house, the house never flooded. While the water was not drinkable, it could be used to flush toilets and when the water we ran into the tub would run out for cooking and drinking, the neighbors used to fill buckets we would bring to their homes. (Long story, but your well had to fail before you could get town water in those days. Grandpa built one amazing well.) In those circumstances it was a matter of endurance. Never, fun but with bottled water and town water, that location would be much easier to ride out a storm even with the loss of power than here today. With proper supplies you don't have to worry about rising water levels and no power.

  5. Wheew sure are glad that all is well there now.

    woos, Tessa

  6. Glad to hear you are safe but sorry about the basement flooding. Hope things will get back to normal soon!

  7. Bailey that had to be quite scary! (but that photo was adorable!)

    We are quite glad that you are all ok. We totally understand your not being able to visit for a bit. Our visits may be a little sporadic as well due to still being busy after having returned from BlogPaws.
    Lots to do!

    We hope all will be back to normal for you soon and thank goodness you are safe!

  8. So glad to hear that you are safe, but sorry to hear about the basement flooding, we know it could of been worse but that still stinks!

  9. I'm so glad you survived the hurricane! Mommy, daddy, Taylor and Nala have been through bad hurricanes before, and they've even gone without power for more than TWO WEEKS! I can't imagine! Sorry about the unexpected pool in your basement -- I hope it's getting dried out! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  10. Oh my goodness - a basement swimming pool. That sounds scary. It's a good thing you were around to help supervise with the clean up efforts in the basement. I am glad you and Katy are ok.


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