Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Setting Up the Outdoor Decorations

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our First Card Wreath is Full

Thank you to all our friends who have been helping us to fill up our card wreaths. As you can see, the first one is full and Mom has started on filling up the second one. We of course are responsible for most of the first card wreath. However, Mom has had a respectable showing this year from her crochet online friends who have been sending cards, too.

She wanted us to note that the first two cards in the second wreath are actually not dog cards, the third one was and another arrived after this was taken that was also Mom's. We have also received several e-cards that Mom has shown us and we thank all of you for sending those, too.

We are hopeful both wreaths will be filled before the season is over and we will get pictures posted so everyone can see.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Working with Jr. Sheep is lots of work. Birthday parties seem to be a big deal in Jr. Sheep land. This weekend Mom and Dad had a Thomas the Train themed party for one of the Jr. Sheep in the family and he wanted everything to be Thomas. As you can see, even we got into the party mode.

One of the coolest things about birthday parties is dog happy birthday cookies for us. The birthday sheep gave us each our own cookie after everyone sang Happy Birthday and Dog Dad was cutting his Thomas cake. We are looking forward to future Jr. Sheep birthday parties.

The sheep got a Thomas set and Bailey had to examine it to make sure it was safe for little hands. That required him to climb into the Figure 8 and examine it from all sides. Cries of Godzilla were heard and we were sure they were glad I was there to make sure they were all safe. We can only believe Godzilla must be some safety inspector or like Bob the Builder, someone that promotes safe building. After all, we know they were thrilled to have me playing with them. Still not sure, what is so exciting about those little cars that go round and round and keep kids entertained for hours. However, we have decided that happy sheep playing with trains are better than crying, screaming sheep.

Katy is taking to little sheep. She was the most engaged and involved she's ever been with people at the house. Bailey exhausted himself being the entertainer and sheep herder in chief. At one point, he curled up on the couch with the youngest sheep all in the line of duty to get the sheep to take a nap. Of course, once the sheep was down he did decide it would be OK if he napped, too.

Sunday, we all rested, as we were quite tired.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our First Card

Well after discussions with Dad, we agreed Mom might have received the first card, but we have the honor of having our card hung on the card wreath first since Mom lost hers. Our good friends Lassi and Benji's card arrived yesterday and we were very excited to get it all hung up.

With Mom's help, we finished addressing and stamping all our cards and hers too, yesterday. Dog Dad took the last of them to the post office this morning. We even got our e-cards sent to those who live outside the US. Now we have to get serious about decorating, as in where did Mom pack our Christmas toys. Now that the turkeys have made their way back into the Thanksgiving box it is about time we got our Christmas toys out of those big boxes.

We are all excited for choir practice. We can't wait to find out what we will be singing. Katy's hoping we will go Christmas Caroling. She has heard people will offer you treats at the door, kind of like Halloween.

Card Score Parents 1 Dogs 1

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Card Wreath is Up

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was delightful. Lots of attention. However, Dog Dad forgot to buy us birthday cookies. We celebrate a birthday on Thanksgiving and we are used to getting special bakery cookies on birthdays. As soon as the birthday song started, we sat down very nicely and waited for the cookie. No cookie came and Mom realized why we were being so respectful. Then she offered us one of our regular cookies. We were very disappointed. Birthday girl got her birthday pie, but we made sure Dog Dad won't forget us for the upcoming birthdays we will be celebrating this month.

Over the holiday weekend, Mom and Dad started transforming the house from Pilgrim themed to Christmas central. Katy has become fascinated with the tree this year and it is making Mom a bit nervous. She has realized she's just short enough that she can walk around the Christmas tree and scrape the branches on her back getting a little back rub. Of course, this also knocks ornaments and risks knocking over the tree, but every bit of fun has some hazards. Mom's not seeing it that way.

After the tree, one of the first things Mom insisted had to be out was the card wreaths. She has been busily addressing Christmas cards to friends and family all weekend. Three stacks have been mailed. We are still working our paws to the bone working through the Blogville list, but we will get all of you your cards soon.

We are having a debate with Mom. Technically, she got the first card of the season from one of her crochet friends before Thanksgiving. However, in the great Thanksgiving clean up the card has gone missing. Since she can't find it to put it in the card wreath we aren't sure it counts. Mom says it does. The debate continues.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks Blogville

We encountered Blogville shortly after we started blogging and no matter how many breaks we've had to take because of life happening people always reach out and make sure we come back. Lassister and Chase every year make sure we hear about the deadline for the card exchange because they know how much we love it. No matter how hard Mom tries, the fall is always crazy and our Blogging time falls off. Yet, they never forget to post something to remind us we need to sign up or we'll miss out on something that always brings us so much holiday cheer.

Let's not forget those holiday cards. There is something so amazing about opening the mailbox and finding bright, cheerful holiday greetings from our blogging friends every year. We fill two card wreaths each year with warm holiday greetings from our friends.

We don't participate in all the amazing Blogville events, but we have enjoyed the Olympics and many other great events hosted here. Even when we aren't participating, we have loved reading and looking at the pictures others have posted. We have been fortunate to win several contests and to get to try out some fun new products that others have offered as prizes.

On this national day of Thanksgiving, we do want to say thank you to all who make this community such a warm and welcoming community. We are not always able to participate as much as we would like, but we are always better for the time we spend here. For that, we thank all of you for your generosity of spirit and kindness. We look forward to another year here in Blogville.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rainy Mondays

We woke this morning to a wet and dreary world. Mom says we best not be doing the snow cookie dance after seeing all the pictures of Buffalo. After all, there can be too much of a good thing. Not being able to get out the door to go potty, would be a huge problem.

Saturday, we got to see one of our favorite sheep and she lavished us with lots of love and attention. Sunday we rested up because Mom told us we were going to visit the big Red Guy, yep, Santa. Normally, Mom isn't crazy about Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, but she has been looking at all the available dates to get our pictures taken and the ones in our area all seem to be later this year. I'm sure people have good reasons, but Mom already had conflicts for those dates. Then she found there was a date available this past Sunday and we were off to talk to the big guy.

Katy was nervous, but she seems to have a real thing for Santa. No matter where we meet him, he is one of the few humans she seems OK with despite her normal fear of strangers. We had our discussion about being good for the year, our expectations for bones and pressies, and took several shots to get one where we were both paying attention. When you meet a celebrity like Santa, it is hard to stay focused.

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