Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Flowers: Iris

Mom went out on Sunday to check on the progress of the big purple Iris and they were still closed tight. On Monday, she happened to look out the window and surprise they had popped, so she went out to capture a picture of them before she missed them. The weather has been crazy lately. The wind or rain could easily destroy them if she waits.

She says these are very special because Dog Dad's favorite Uncle gave him them from his very own garden when they visited him.

It grows so well, Mom has been able to give other people Iris plants from it, too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: The Power's On

Bailey's had this strange attraction to the power strip lately. He really does seem to think he can draw power from it.

However, he has found another source of power that is helping him get stronger. He and Katy have started massage therapy and it is working wonders. We found a massage therapist at Paws in the Park and decided to check her out. We'd talked about doing it for years, but sadly something always came up. This time with Bailey's health issues we decided it was a priority. Then we discovered she lives in town, which made it seem even easier to commit the time to do.

Bailey has become very bow legged and walking almost on the sides of his paws. He's also lost significant muscle strength in his back legs that occurred sometime around our failed rescue attempt. He's had chiro for years, but nothing had stopped the progression. After his second massage session, his bowing has decreased significantly. His front legs have straightened dramatically. I hope to get some pics to show his vet the progression. He was too tired last night to submit for pics and I wanted to post something this morning.

We are also learning stretching exercises. As someone who needs PT exercises myself it never occurred to me to think that my dogs might benefit from stretching exercises as well. In the first session DH and I learned how to stretch both Bailey and Katy to help keep their legs more limber. Katy, especially has seen a difference with the stretching.

Our second session was with an intern who suggested we try making some beef broth from bone to help with Bailey's joint issues. I've made beef and chicken broth as starters for us over the years, I've never thought of the benefits for the dogs. I won't add all the veggies I do for ours, but I will look to getting a soup bone this weekend and making up some broth. She suggested freezing them into ice cubes to store the broth. Bailey loves ice cubes, so this could be a nice treat for him as well, especially with the hot summer months coming up.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Dressing Up for Whitley

We are not much for dressing up, but Mom reminded us how important it is to remember friends on Blogville so we let her take pictures of us in Dog Dad's hat for the occasion.

Run free over the bridge Whitley. You will be missed by so many.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Flowers: Rhododendron

Friday flowers are some of Mom's favorite posts. She loves going back and seeing all the pretty flowers when all that she can see outside her own windows are piles of snow. This Rhododendron bush is blooming next to the currently empty veggie gardens, which soon I will not be allowed to step inside as I'm doing here.

Do you see the little fellow hiding there. These gnomes are all over the yard. Katy is particularly interested in one that has binoculars. She isn't telling, but Mom believes he's providing her with intel.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Whisker Walk 2016 is coming June 5 in Massachusetts

After having crossed the line first at the Paws in the Park walk, Katy and her handler are in training for the longer Whisker Walk. Not that there is actually a race, but Katy has wanted to finish first for years now. This could be the year.

For those of you in the New England area come out and join us for the Sterling Shelter's annual Whisker Walk fund raiser at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster on Sunday June 5, 2016 from 11AM-3PM. While Katy is determined to be at the head of the walk, Bailey and Mom will be strolling through the many vendors that populate the fairgrounds. It is a very kid and dog friendly event with plenty for everyone to see and do.

It is a great chance to connect with many local shelters and rescues and to help them raise funds for their groups. I am hopeful they will still have the dog fetch game as Bailey has brought home some great prizes over the years.

You can read more about the event here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Gnome Attack

Katy's top gnome informant was found knocked over this week and she's on the job to find out who hurt her gnome assistant.

Gnome was not seriously hurt and is back on the job, providing Katy with valuable yard intelligence.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blogville Pawlympics: Synchronized Napping

The Blogville Summer Games are back and Bailey & Katy will be hosting the Synchronized Napping Event this year on August 11. This is a pairs event, but groups are also welcome to participate. There are two forms of Synchronized Napping. We have the Parallel Nappers and the Artistic Nappers. Participants can enter in either or both categories.

This is an example of Parallel Napping although Bailey shouldn't be touching Katy to demonstrate better form. (Try telling Bailey he can't touch Katy.)

Artistic Napping gives you more freedom. The only rule is you and your partner must be touching somewhere during the nap. It could be as like Bailey and Katy here in this example or a tale draped over your napping partner. It can be a big or small connection, but the connection must be maintained for the nap picture to qualify. If you leave right after the picture is snapped we'll never know. As I type this Katy's tale is draped over Bailey as the nap, the only place they are connected and that would qualify. The animals just have to have a connection. Cross species works as long as they like to nap. This event works best for those who like to conap.

We will post more information about the event and where to send your pictures, but we figured we'd give people a chance to start training by explaining the basics now. You can find out more about the Pawlympics schedule here. Information on the Pawlypics can be found here. Just a few dates of interest. Deadline to sign up to host an event is June 21. Deadline to sign up for events is July 15. That will happen quicker than you think. We know we are already in training for a few events. Good luck to everyone.