Monday, August 15, 2011

Dog Friendly or Not

We have been searching for dog friendly places to take the dogs. We follow the adventures of dog bloggers and are always thrilled about the various dog friendly places they find to bring their pups.

We were excited to see a sign for a dog parade as part of a local festival we have been considering attending for a few years, but never seem to get to with our conflicting fall obligations. A festival with a dog parade must be dog friendly, right? Not so much. The parade has a limited period where the dogs are welcome and ends before the festival area. Dogs are not welcome at the festival. Therefore, if you come for the parade, do not plan on attending the festival unless you drive (or walk if you live close enough) home first with your paw friends, and return to participate in the human areas.

I was disappointed. If you are going to designate something as humans only, so be it. However, if you are going to invite dogs, make it friendly to the dogs you invite. After Katy's positive experience with the dog walk we were thinking this might be a fun activity. However, parking can be challenging in this area and driving there with the dogs, doing the walk and driving them home and coming back for the festival seems foolish. If we attend the festival, the dogs will likely not be attending. We will have to find some other options.


  1. Seems totally ridiculous to invite dogs to the parade but not to the festival!

  2. I agree, if they are going to have a dog parade as part of a festival they dogs should be included, what is the point of having a parade then?

  3. Thats very silly-I cant imagine. I take the dogs to festivals all the time. I google dog festivals in my area and usually find things that way Last summer we went to an outdoor food and wine festival. Try googling dog festivals and/or looking at the website, sometimes they have festivals posted

  4. That seems completely backward, but I've seen it happen before. There is a gorgeous park area near where I live. Dogs are allowed on leash on one path only, they can't put a paw in the ponds or the river, and aren't allowed in the summer months. Huh? I hope you have better luck next time!

  5. That does seem pretty backwards. At the Da Vinci Days festival I wrote about back in July, dogs were welcome to come to the Disc Dog competition that happened outside the grounds of the main event, but not at the actual festival. Its always seemed a bit silly to me.

  6. Wow that has got to be somewhere dog furiendly. The one you found seems to not only have a bad tude but is wasteful of gas also!

    Start your own parade!

    woos, Tessa

  7. Bailey and Katie, inspire your people to create and event that would be specifically organized for the doggies! It might be a little work, but you would be benefiting so many other doggies in your community!
    If you get a big enough doggie following there is no doubt of the things you can accomplish! (I am thinking White House, but that maybe a little too soon... *wink*)

  8. Well, that just might be the silliest thing I ever heard! Sounds like those humans didn't think things through, did they? I bet they'd get even MORE humans at that festival if they'd let their doggies come. Sounds to me like they're missing out on a Most Marvelous opportunity.

    I hope you find a more doggie-furendly thing to go to soon!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. I agree with you, that is ridiculous! If dogs are permitted in the walk, they should be permitted in the festival! Who would want to do all of that back and forth driving?

  10. That's a shame the dogs can't go to the festival. Some humans aren't really smart who make the rules for festivals and things. Not too long ago Mommy's bank was advertising a dog event. Humans could get snacks, there were reps from dog stores.... When Mommy asked the bank could you bring your dog to this event -- they looked at her like she had 3 heads and said -- of course not. Mommy went to the event anyway without me - but the event didn't have a good turnout from what she saw.


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