Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with Shelties

Bailey is used to the craziness of holidays here, but Katy is slowly working through her first experiences with the changes that occur each time the dates occur.

The dogs were thrilled to get new bones and Katy finally has her own mini squirrel house puzzle toy. This quickly became a score point. One would grab the house, sit down, and chew on the bone. The other would then plot to steal the house. This continued for a good bit of Easter morning.

Katy was thrilled with a rawhide football. She quickly claimed this and took off with it. This is only the second item she has claimed and refused to yield to Bailey. I think it is a sign she is getting more confident.

Bailey was only interested in his rawhide baseball when Katy threatened to steal it. His focus was on the circle bones. He tried to eat one while covering the other one with his body. In many respects they do remind me of human siblings with the way they try to hoard the toys.

When guests arrived, Katy began her circle around our hallways that join our downstairs area. Bailey turned on his charm in an attempt to get as much attention as possible. Our neighbors were hosting Easter egg hunts, which had both dogs excited and wanting to participate. By the end of the night, Katy finally approached one of the younger relatives to her delight and finally allowed her access. Bailey was disgusted as he had worked the crowd all day and all Katy had to do to get attention was to ignore everyone.

I was pleased to see her make this breakthrough. It is the best she has done with family at the house. Sometimes it is easy to focus only on where she needs to go. This Easter reminded us of how far she has come.


  1. you just gotta love new treats/toys and we are so happy that Katy is finally becoming a little more trusting - way to go Katy

  2. Katy is getting there and one day she will claim she's the queen of the house!!! Both Bailey and Katy are really sweet!!!

  3. I'm so happy to hear she is making progress. It's sometimes easy to give up, but persistence pays.

  4. I agree with Angie. It has been a wonderful treat to watch her growth these last couple of months. I am so amused by the constant back and forth of the toys. In my house, they can both get the same thing, but for whatever reason they seem to think the others is better. The plot goes back and forth on stealing.

  5. What lovely presents. Its great Katy is coming out of her shell

  6. Sounds like you guys had a great Easter. I wish Mama had found those easter eggs at Pet smart and I wish I could have that neat squirrel house... Mama you listening? Thanks for stopping by my blog! You guys sure are pretty and handsome.

    Have a great day and a fun time with your new toys.

    Your jealous pal,

  7. your babies are adorable! I am glad they enjoyed their Easter.


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