Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bailey Takes on the Garter Snakes

This looks like a harmless bulkhead, but I have been warning Mom and Dad for months that it harbored the most feared garter snakes. Yes, not deadly or really even harmful, but greatly feared in this house. Neither Mom nor Dad are fans. Not just one, but a family was living here. I barked, I walked up on it, I sniffed, I scratched, but nobody would pay attention to my snake alarm. We had snakes.

Then came the niece who rescued us when Mom was in the hospital. Mom and Dad asked her if she would help clear the veggie gardens for planting since Mom is under doctor's order to do no physical stuff for a while. While she is terrified of spiders, she has no issue with snakes. Now I had a partner to work with on getting the snake issued solved.

While she and Dad were working on getting the gardens cleared Mom told Dad she thought I might be on to something and sure enough while the bulkhead was clear earlier, when Dad checked after my warnings a snake had dropped in for a visit. We even learned that snakes can climb stairs. The first snake was relocated much to Mom's relief. I however, knew this was not an isolated bachelor or bachelorette. This snake had family. When the bulkhead was closed I put nose to the ground and found another snake. When they took a break from veggie gardening Dad could not believe there were two, but Mom convinced him to check. This one tried to twist himself into a place where he could not be pulled out. However, my barking and her quick speed had that snake relocated as well. They eventually went back to gardening, but I knew we were not done. These snakes are tricky.

Sure enough, I found the scent and Mom had Dad come over and only Mom and I really believed there would be another. This one was small and angry. It had plans and no desire to relocate. He tried to bite and I rushed down the stairs in full attack mode. Nobody bites my snake wrangler. The snake moved out of its protective area allowing it to be trapped and again relocated. We found one more outside the bulkhead, but it was worm sized and too small to catch.

It is so wonderful to finally be listened to and have a partner who is not afraid to deal with these snakes. Katy patrolled the back fence all afternoon to prevent the snakes from coming back. We hope they like their new digs better. We do not want them in the yard again.

Dad has since cleaned out what Mom called the snake garden and put an Eggplant in it since there was no room for it in the Veggie gardens. Mom and Dad's niece has promised to come back and remove any other snakes that might decide to make an appearance. It is so good to have a partner in your work.


  1. Yikes! Snakes!! Glad they are taken care of! You are so brave.

  2. Bailey, first let me say I am BEYOND GRATEFUL that you didn't photograph the snake because I hate them so much that I hate even seeing photos of them!

    Bailey, you take your heritage quite seriously and I am glad that you do! You are a "working" dog and you worked quite hard at trying to get your family to realize that there was a problem...SNAKES!!

    Thank goodness you had SOMEONE to take you seriously!

    GREAT WORK BAILEY!! Do you catch spiders too??? xoxoxo

  3. Ewwww... I am a fan of snakes either!

  4. Your niece sounds like one brave lady!!!! She deserves a lot of doggie kisses for taking care of those snakes!

  5. We're glad the snakes were given new homes. They really are friends of the gardener.

  6. Bailey, you did an impressive work to protect your garden! It must be really nice to have a veggie garden on your propery. Hope snakes will enjoy staying at their new home. :):)

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  7. Bailey, perhaps you could let a little garter snake or two stay there to eat the slugs so they won't eat Mom's plants, flowers, and veggies! ;)

  8. It is not as if Mom doesn't understand the benefits of garter snakes. She knows they even help with the rodents she isn't fond of either. However, she just can't get over her snake fears to allow them near her.

  9. I hate snakes! You did an awesome job alarming your parents Bailey. How great that your niece isn't afraid of snakes and could help out too!

  10. Hey BAILEY..... Grrrrreat Snake work...

    I have you down to HOST Squirrel Hurdles

    Darn that one will be Popular!!!!! THANKS

    I am glad you didn't want to do a SNAKE thingy.. Those guys scare me!!!

  11. We had a garter snake in our yard the other day! It was a big one and it scared me! I am not a fan of snakes and neither is my husband! I think I need your dad and niece to come over and help us relocate them:)


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