Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We know Thanksgiving is Thursday, but once Dad is home from work tonight, the holiday rush begins and we may not get back to blogging until next week. We wanted to stop and wish everyone a safe and snack filled holiday.

Mom got a summary note from her doctor yesterday with good news about her tests. The best news for us, she included a note to tell her to continue walking. Can you imagine that a human vet gave us the best present ever, mandatory walks. Right after dinner Dad got out the leashes and despite the bracing cold, Mom and Dad took us for an evening walk. This Sheltie trainer thing has its benefits.

We are hoping to get our cards printed after Thanksgiving and then we can get started on the card exchange.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sheltie Fitness Coaches

The Human Vet confirmed it. We are making Mama healthier!

Mama had to go for her yearly physical. While she still has a long way to go the human vet saw improvements and asked Mama what she was doing. She told her about walking us when the weather wasn't wet and we received great compliments for motivating her.

Don't doubt your healing power folks. We can do it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tyler the Turkey Returns with a Friend

Some of you might remember Mom's obsession with holiday toys. She just took down the Halloween decorations and mysteriously our Mummy and Bat toys have gone missing into the strange world of the Attic. However, as the Halloween toys went missing, who should appear, but Tyler Turkey and his friend.

Last year, Mom looked everywhere online and in person for Thanksgiving dog toys. She finally found Tyler. While taking Bailey and I to get pictures with Santa she was so thrilled to discover a Tyler on clearance at the place we were having our pictures taken. She stashed him in the Thanksgiving box and we were thrilled to discover not one but two turkey toys to play with this year. We do need a name for the second one though. It is too confusing if they are both Tyler.

If anyone spots any other Thanksgiving toys on the market, please let Mom know. She is always looking to expand our holiday toy options.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The First Snow Cookies of the Year

It snowed yesterday and we were treated to the first fresh snow cookies of the year. The best thing about snow cookies is Mom doesn't care how many we eat. We can run around the yard and scoop up as much as we want and she doesn't seem to worry about it ruining our dinner. That's what she says when we want to many of our other snacks.

We are still having wet weather, but it is more sleet than snow at this point.

This is our friend Mrs. Pumpkin. She has been on our porch for a while now. She had a brief trip indoors during the hurricane, but moved outside afterwards as we missed having her out there. Mom and Dad seem to think she will be traveling some time before Thanksgiving. We will miss her as we have spent hours sunning ourselves next to her.

Friday, November 2, 2012

So Much Going On

We survived the Sandy without a loss of power. Mama kept rubbing her magic emergency lantern every time the power dimmed and the lights came back on. We are praying for all those who are still without power and recovering from all the damage.

Bailey came up with a new idea for trick or treat. He got a head pat for every treat given out. Katy came closer to the door and was spying at the trick or treaters from a cave she created. She might not have wanted to get close, but our girl is getting braver and refused to miss out on the action.

Katy has also discovered the joy of leaves. Last year Katy was terrified of the sound made as people and dogs pushed through piles of leaves left on the streets. This year as we've been walking more frequently, she has become very curious about the smells and the texture of the leaf piles.

What really drew us out was the card swap. It has been a tough summer and fall for Mama and she hasn't been doing much blogging. She preposted a bunch of stuff for her education blog last winter that has continued, but everything else has been dragging. However, she has been scanning blog postings and when she realized she almost missed the sign up for the Christmas cards she not only signed us up, but she wanted to let people know we were still out here.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We Love Fall

Summer has many benefits, but there is nothing like the cool fall weather for outdoor fun.

Mama melts like an ice cream cone so she comes out more when the weather cools down. We get more walks. There are so many interesting smells. The back porch is warm, but lacks that sauna effect of midsummer.

When Mama and Papa clean out the gardens, we have even more room to play. Truly, there are no down sides to fall in New England for a Sheltie.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Has Arrived

We took some time off from blogging. As we mentioned in our last blog one of Mom's relatives was very sick and finally passed away. Mom has not felt much like working on the computer.

Mom and Dad have been walking more and Katy has finally taken up reading pee mail although she rarely responds. Up to this point, walking has been about walking and occasionally meeting other dogs on our walks. However, in the last few days she has finally developed an interest in the environment, stopping to smell the grass along the way.

Football season has arrived and we have our bed positioned right in front of the tv for maximum viewing pleasure. Sometimes we even get to share the couch with Dad. We like watching both college and professional football. Dad has been much calmer since the ref situation has been resolved.

We hope to catch up on all your blogs soon.